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《spray polyurea elastomer technology》 will be the second edi

Published:2019-09-04  Source:ShaMu international  Hits:

《Spray polyurea elastomer technology》 will be the second edition
                Due to the urgent request of readers at home and abroad, chemical industry press has decided to republish "spray polyurea elastomer technology". In October 2018, chemical industry press signed a contract with professor huang microwave of Qingdao university of technology: the second edition of spray polyurea elastomer technology will be submitted to the press for review before the end of 2019, and will be published in 2020.
                The second edition of spray polyurea elastomer technology will summarize the development achievements of spray polyurea technology in China and even the world from 2006 to 2018, and look forward to the development trend of polyurea in the future. Dudley j. Primeaux, the "father of polyurea" in the world, is invited to compile an English edition in order to satisfy foreign readers' theoretical knowledge of polyurea spraying technology.
In July 2005, professor huang and Dudley hosted the first ceremony of spray polyurea elastomer technology in Beijing
In march, 2006, it was recognized as the world's first monograph on spraying polyurea by American polyurea development association PDA
                At present, professor huang has completed 90% of the task of compiling the book. While thanking his colleagues at home and abroad for providing information actively, he urges everyone to continue to provide engineering cases and photos, and strives to fully reflect the latest progress of domestic and foreign polyurea spraying technology since the first edition of the book was published nearly 15 years ago.
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